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Hinge and Bracket

In an abandoned fish processing plant near Cape Charles, Virginia, I came upon a rotting wooden cupboard.

D800-Cape Charles-5461-2016-04-16

Its wood was buckled and almost bare of the green paint that had once covered it.

D800-Cape Charles-5462-2016-04-16

The metal bracket, which had once held its doors tightly shut, was rusted, buckled and misshapen.

D800-Cape Charles-5464-2016-04-16

Its once secure hinges were rusty-red and starting to separate from the wood to which they had once been tightly screwed.

D800-Cape Charles-5463-2016-04-16

Each of its four hinges was contorted in a different way, fighting to maintain its integrity against the shifting, buckling wood that betrayed it behind its back.

D800-Cape Charles-5466-2016-04-16

But in this rotting, rusted cupboard, there was real beauty.




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