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View of the Staden Barns looking west

The first thing I did after picking up a hire car from Nottingham on a recent Sunday afternoon was drive to the picturesque hamlet of Hartington in Derbyshire to photograph these iconic stone barns – known locally as the Staden barns for the family who built them – which lie about half a mile southeast of the village.

I blogged about these barns last year when I first discovered them, so I won’t describe them further here, except to say that I find them an irresistible photographic subject, one that draws me back time and again to capture them under different conditions of light and weather.

Looking east

As a photographic subject, this scene contains many compositional elements that are pleasing to a photographer’s eye: the gentle curve of the lane, the converging lines of the two stone walls that lead the eye to the subject, the repeating yet asymmetrical shapes of the barns themselves, the gritty textures in the stone walls and patched-up slate roofs of the barns, the gently rolling hills in the background and the occasional trees that dot the surrounding landscape.

And, on a day like this, brooding clouds overhead that create a dark mood and add visual drama to the the scene.

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