Favourite Images of 2018

This has been a fallow year as far as my photography is concerned.

I ran out of inspiration some time in mid-2017 and didn’t make a serious attempt at creating an image until June of this year, when I spent a fruitful week in the Peak District of England.

Although my muse deserted me for some unknown reason, I know exactly what brought her back – the natural beauty of dramatic landscapes. In June, it was the Peak District of England and, in October, the wilderness of West Virginia. Both had the same effect of inspiring me to take photos again.

It is not surprising, therefore, that images from those two locations feature prominently in this collection of my favorite photos of 2018. Nor is it surprising that barns, waterfalls and sunrises, among my favourite photographic subjects, dominate this collection of images.

All but two of these photos were taken on just two photography outings, which I suppose shows that I didn’t have a prolific year. However, when I did head out with my camera, I tried to focus on creating good-quality images, rather than shooting lots of exposures.

The year now closing has been a year of loss and deep sorrow. Here’s hoping for happier times ahead in 2019.

Roach End Barn on the western edge of the Peak District, Staffordshire, England.


The Staden Barns, near the village of Hartington, Derbyshire, England.


The Barn on Bonner Mountain, Tucker County, West Virginia.


The view from Dolly Sods wilderness, West Virginia, looking northeast at sunrise.


The view from Bear Rocks in Dolly Sods wilderness, West Virginia, just before sunrise.


Another view of the Staden Barns near Hartington, Derbyshire with the golden light of the rising sun bathing the side of the barns in warm light.


The North Forth of the Blackwater River tumbles over Douglas Falls in West Virginia.


Sunrise photographed from Bear Rocks, Dolly Sods wilderness, West Virginia.


Trees shrouded in early-morning fog on Bonner Mountain, Tucker County, West Virginia.


Twenty Trees above the village of Hayfield in the Peak District in Derbyshire, photographed in infrared at 590nm and converted to faux colour.


A male Northern Cardinal, photographed in my back garden.


The ruins of Ballygawley House in my native County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.


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